How I Imagine The Heart to Heart

Inspiration Peace and Love

I guess we all have that idea of how certain things will be, that includes the Heart to Heart with the one we have connected to, but it has not gotten to that stage that we hope for it.   I think about that meeting, coming together where we have a heart to heart, finally share what we think, feel etc…How do I envision it?  

I am thinking summer, with nice weather, not too far in so it is not too hot.  I guess I envision perhaps the person finding a place, a park maybe on a Sunday, someplace that is quiet where we can really have space and time to ourselves, maybe even use the excuse of a discussion on projects we could collaborate on, looking at a location for that, maybe someplace really quiet, a weekend trip.  We meet and they perhaps present a flower, something sweet, then we initiate with discussion on projects we are working on, could work on as a team, and then in that conversation they work in a way to probe how I feel about them, a relationship beyond just projects. Then seeing that I am open to that, we organically take things from there, it flows naturally.  We perhaps then take a walk, have a bit of lunch, and let the hearts take it from there.  

I know it is not a complex vision for it playing out, but I am not a complex person, don’t require a lot to be content, so this scenario would be quite nice.  Then we meet each other’s friends etc.. at the right time and we begin our journey as partners in projects and all else life has to offer.  I keep this vision in my prayers each day, in my meditation.  If there is a deviation, it’s fine, but this is my general notion of how I envision that heart to heart taking place, a beautiful sacred bond growing even further between us.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen