How I’d Like To Spend My Days

The Journey That is Life.

I have thought about how ideally I would love to spend my days, if I had my soulmate in my life, we were already together, my  soulmate in my life, perhaps a fellow artist, I had my own space to work in etc.. Of course when I have my Hadassah meetings etc.., then that changes things a bit of course.  Here goes.  

My day starts with some prayer, meditation, breakfast and contact with nature, then time to get to some music creation, even creating some coaching and meditation material.  Should luck have me in union with my soulmate, I have had my morning conversation and perhaps he has come over or we have met up somewhere where we can work together and create some amazing stuff together.  We have a blast, even if we might disagree on certain points.  Then comes lunch, and maybe some loving, maybe, depending on the mood.  Then enjoying some nature together depending on how nice the weather is, and if we need to run some individual errands we might part ways and if we decide to come together again to do some more work or just hang out or if we decide we want to do some work on our own we might that and then call each other and have some sweet talking online or on the phone.  There would be variances of this when we get together with friends and family, or do live gigs and all that, but this is kind of how I picture my days, shared with my truest soulmate.    On days when we might have stuff to do or want to do projects individually, that’s cool, fine, we give each other space that we have days when we might just want to do projects on our own, have alone time, focused time without being distracted, we are okay with that.  Though we would function as a team, we would be confident enough in the relationship, in ourselves and faithful, loyal enough to each other than there would be no insecurities.  We would I hope be so good to each other than we would not need to look elsewhere for companionship anyway because we would have so much to offer each other on so many levels, which is why we would be truest soulmates in the first place.  

They say that if you envision it, you can bring it forward, so this is what I envision with my soulmate, the one I hope comes forward very soon.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen