How Incredible Is That?


I don’t know about you, but if God had just come down from the sky and started passing out demerits and all that, the rebel in me would have started going ballistic, I know me.  Same if Christ, the Word become flesh or the Holy Spirit would have. My reaction would have been, how can you relate to anything any of us are going through? Okay I get you made us and all that, made the earth, yeah we screwed up, gave it over to Lucifer and his minions so he gets to mess with us and not a good way, but how can you judge what you haven’t lived or struggled through, life?  Well, turns out God’s pretty darn psychic, and figured a lot of us would have had that same reaction, so he decided His Word would have to become flesh, would have to live life, go through stuff like we go through stuff,  He knew that the sacrifice to redeem would also need to experience the fullness of human experience, temptations etc.. and overcome the trials and tribulations, even death, something we can’t.  How cool is it that Yahweh knew we would, many if not most would have had the attitude of don’t come down here all mighty and start handing out demerits, since you have no clue what it is to live the human life etc…  Well, can’t make that argument now to God can we?  Nope, we have no excuse for violating his moral laws, none, not really, oops.   Yes, we may have lapses of judgement that lead us to do so, but no excuses.  As for war, well there is just war, principles we can extrapolate from the bible, but war without parameters etc… is not acceptable, so again, won’t have an excuse for that with Big Daddy as I used to call God when I was a kid.  I was a character even then, what can I say, beat to my own drum.  Like I said, pretty cool how God was able to bring The Word of Creation to the world with a fully human yet divine nature so he could clarify sin is sin, but with repentance and a turning around of one’s life there is mercy and forgiveness, that he could resurrect conquer death and all that, that he had a childhood with a mom and a dad, think about about was kind of a typical teen disappearing for three days, giving his parent high blood pressure.  How incredible is that? Pretty incredible I’d say.

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