How It Works, Art and The Mind

Why does art bring about healing or assist in expression?  Well, the brain, it has to do with how we process and react to the arts.  It seres several purposes, one being appreciation for the past, for history and for the culture.  This is why I am against removing confederate statues and all that, because you remove history, and you remove the ability to teach important lessons through the statues, sculptures etc…, not hate lessons, but important cultural and historical, even legal ones.  It helps us to grow as a person, grow in knowledge, even self knowledge, with reflection on why we feel as we do when we come across that piece of art, that song etc.., so it can help us grow as a person.  This in turn can help us with understanding ourselves, what makes us tick, even our core self, true self.  Art has therapeutic value on many levels, as it can help us uncover what is buried within ourselves and help us to understand the world around us and others as well.  Once this has occurred, we can then se a re-aligning and re-balancing of the self etc..because once we have found the tools to constructively express ourselves and understand others life can shitt in positive directions.  I hope we can learn to appreciate the arts and the power it has to heal and transform.  I know for me writing and even being part of the artistic helps a great deal in defining myself and life a lot more.  It is quite therapeutic and I love doing it, so it’s a win-win.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen