How Specific My Prayer?


Have you ever asked someone a question and had an answer either be too vague or felt like you were getting a thesis presented to ya?  Think we have all been there.

That gets me to wondering about God and prayers, meditation.  I am not big on rote vain prayers of repetition myself, but rather just conversation and meditation when it comes to the Trinity and everyone else up there, or as I used to refer to the Trinity when I was a kid the Big Three, God as the Big Kahuna, with the other Kahunas.  I was quite the spitfire even a kid, but still cute.    As I present my thoughts, petitions etc.. to the Big Three, write my meditation to listen to in bed, I wonder how to write what I want to bring into my life.  Most faith leaders will say that you should be quite specific and consistent for a few reasons:  helps clarify your mind, helps clarify your needs, makes us more alert to answers, , and increases our faith.  There are those who will argue the opposite because their prayers were not answered, or not right away or not in the way they wanted, expected.  That’s not the point because God is not our errand boy, something I have to keep reminding myself of as well.   What if I am not sure exactly what I want in a given area of something then what the heck do I do?  Fear not, keep your pants on, don’t panic, all good.  Here is what you do, call on the paralegal, the Holy Spirit to clarify for ya.  Huh?  Bet you didn’t realize The Big Three, were like a great legal system with God as the Supreme Court Judge, Jesus as the advocate Judge and Holy Spirit as the Paralegal and Counsel to the defendants, if you can envision it that way to sort of understand the dynamics of it a bit.  This is what I tend do to in terms of how I pray and how I do a meditation.

When I pray or petition, as I feel a call to minister and the arts, seek to be self reliant, get off all government programs of assistance, I petition in general terms that I be able to use my gifts as a poet, songwriter, writer, vocalist and linguist to do so.  I also petition to be brought in full union, loyal and true rest of my life integrated personal and creative with my twinflame soulmate and to be brought into a family of true believers in Christ, who also will respect my heritage,  friendships that last a lifetime.  These are my general petitions for the upstairs.  When I recently wrote out my Emerald Bridge Meditation, then I got more specific about how this would all unfold.  I got more specific about the type of person this twin flame soulmate would be, what we would share etc… In the meditation, the 30 minute contemplative meditation I wrote out, I got more specific about things.  I am presenting my general petitions in “prayer” and then meditate contemplate with meditation music and such in the background with more specifics, always in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  I do try to make sure that whatever I do pray for etc.. is in line with Biblical principles and moral guidelines, remembering Jesus admonition of “sin no more” to the woman after he saved her tukkus!   Specific or general? Both and sometimes we pray to ask for clarification from the vague and general to the specific, that’s fine.  Where we run into trouble is to pray for something that is not in line with Biblical Principle and meditate to attract that, or to get so obsessed with the material, with fame and wealth, stuff like that, including in who we pray for coming into our lives as friends and life partners, seeing the value of things only from a material viewpoint that God can’t honor it, or God may say “fine, you need to learn a lesson, not going to be pretty, but you need to learn one” You get what you prayed for, tough love.  He will be there for us when werealize the error and seek him out after, but he may just give that tough love lesson.  

Prayer, meditation can be a request for clarification as much as a petition for a vision we already have clarity on, even both.