How to Connect..

Bonding they say should be an automatic thing, in terms of mom and baby, but that’s not always an immediate thing.  Any number of factors can interfere with that immediate bonding, so what if a new mom doesn’t feel that all warm, fuzzy, ecstatic woo hoo bonded thing right away?  What then, do you feel guilty? Natural tendency is yes, it’s a human tendency, but if we can be reminded it’s not automatic, not a given, well, might help.  We might also realize that parents have to nourish themselves also and yes people will criticize no matter how good a parent, even family members.  This chart helps us to see ways moms and dads can maybe nourish themselves, even their own bond and build that connection.  Even singing, listening to music while holding baby’s hand can be cathartic.  Happy Bonding.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen