How to Stop Chasing Your Tail

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I think a lot of us spend a lot of time chasing our tails and living in boxes we put ourselves in or others have put us in or driven us into because we felt we had to rebel and that rebellion turned into false self.  You can stop chasing your tail etc…, really you can.  How do you?  

  • First, friggin acknowledge you’re chasing your tail, recognize you are.
  • Second, recognize how you are doing this, how are you going in circles and getting nowhere or staying in the same place, same stuff, all those dreams etc… just there gathering dust
  • Third, figure out who understands about chasing tails and getting out of boxes etc.., fearless about getting out of boxes etc.. and be willing to accept the tough love that comes with that
  • Fourth, team up, don’t try and be superman or wonder woman, team up
  • Fifth, shake up whatever has to be shaken up for it to happen, to make the dreams come true so you move to the next level, and the next etc…
  • Sixth, get over any fear, guilt complex etc.., life is one only and we only get one shot at living our fullest potential and dreams.  If you need someone to have your back as you work through the fear and guilt stuff, find someone who is a tough cookie, still caring etc… who knows about chasing tails, getting out of boxes etc.., let them help you through the journey, don’t be a stubborn ….

I know, easy for me to say, right.  Yes and no because up until the Fibromyalgia hit me hard and turned my life upside down and took me on this journey to clarity, I was chasing my tail, I was in a box.  I have had to stop chasing my tail, come out of my box, and am doing so every day more and more, so I know about chasing tail, stopping the tail chasing and coming out of boxes.  I have a lot more coming out of the box to do, but I will because I am a determined SOB, in a good way, including tough love on myself as necessary.  I have also set boundaries, and if I am doing artistic stuff I won’t answer phone calls, even if it’s family.  I also realized I can’t do transitions on my own, so I have friends on FB and in life that are a great help.  I also realize that to get out of the box artistically, I will have to collaborate with Christian artists and R&B/Soul artists and I have never done collaboration, except for some stuff with my friend Kim years ago.  I don’t care, I will step out of the box, stop chasing my tail going round and round doing the same stuff that might not get me anywhere because that is just pain stupid to do. Staying in boxes etc.., not too smart long term for growth, so if you want to stop chasing your tail, this is rough guide to it in a few steps.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen