How You End the Day, Does It Matter?

15 Bedtime Affirmations

I have come to realize something very important.  How I begin, and also how I end my day matter a great deal.  Especially how I end it, that can make a huge difference.  Some things that need paying attention to are food, what foods to you take in before bed, who you talk to, what their vibes are, their energy is.  What are you watching before bed? Are you watching programming that is funny, going to give you a positive healthy outlook on  life?   These things are important because they also will impact our thoughts, emotions that we take to bed with us, good or bad.  If you’ve had a really bad day or couple of day etc.. like I have with my allergies really wreaking havoc on me, then you want to get some kind of good and decent sleep.  I’ve been watching Christmas movies at night before going to sleep especially, drinking green tea, camomile that sort of them. 

I have also been listening to meditation in bed.  I found a really great youtube video of affirmation, and what I did was create a bit of an intro in my own words affirming a few things, some cord cutting and then that every work of this meditation lives within me and I live every work of this meditation.  I want to make sure that what my heart, spirit and soul process as I sleep is really positive, productive, will help me to sleep well, even stimulate healing, creativity.  Granted I still will need to get into an exercise routine and all that, but this is part of it.  How I end the day will help determine how I start the day, of course always true to my authentic self and core Conservative truth.. 

Shalom and Amen