Human or Machine, Think or Feel

The Journey That is Life.

“I think Therefore I Am”  This is a very well known phrase, it used to be. Recently, due to what transpired with a connection that inspired me and that I saw going through somewhat of an transformation in their performance as an artist has come to mind  and also a past connection, also my own self and life.  

“I think, therefore I am”  Yes, you are, you exist, but so does a computer, a machine if you turn it it because it is programmed.  Yes, you think and if you think you exist, but beyond that what?  Just because I can think, read a book, have an intellectual capacity to analyze, even to perhaps recite a song, a poem, which I can’t as memorizing was never a strong point, analyzing, feeling, expressing hell yes, memorizing, hell no.  There are those who place themselves in the safety of “I think, therefore I am” and never venture beyond that, except for sex perhaps, in a mechanical way, never really connecting to the emotional aspect of it, the deep spiritual metaphysical emotional aspect of it, just the mechanics of it.  “I think, therefore I am”  Emotions are a frightening dark forrest for them, so whether in a relationship, in the arts, whatever the case they won’t dare venture there, they will analyze, think to death on a relationship, perhaps go into the sexual aspect of it as often as possible, but won’t ever delve into the deep emotional aspects of anything. They freak out whenever you bring emotions into play, when you get emotional with them, show any kind of emotional display, even in friendship, and they may totally run, rather than acknowledge anything they feel.  They may even have a religious affiliation, but any deep spiritual experience or connection, intuition, even connection and really opening to that fully, can also be like going into a scary forrest for them.  For a relationship, friendship, for an artist even this is not a good thing.  

I am not saying that you should be only about emotions, no.  One has to be able to embrace both “I think therefore I am and also in combination with that “I feel, therefor I am alive, I live”  Decisions, relationships, even friendships, vocational collaborations, artistic endeavors connecting to the audience, growing as a person means you have to open up your heart, spirit, soul to the divine realm and find a way with the right person to stand with you to allow you to let the walls down, feel it all, even the pain you don’t want to feel, the anger, and work through it swiftly, efficiently and constructively.  If you can use it as an artist to connect constructively to the audience, create artistic pieces that impact in a constructive way, awesome.  To run away to the “I think, therefore I think” only cave and refuse to feel anything, to address emotions, deal with emotions, express emotions etc…, is to refuse to live, be alive, to grow, to be anything but a machine walking the earth.  I know that seems harsh, but it is the truth.  On the other extreme, if you only go by rouge emotions and do not every analyze your life etc.. periodically or combine  “I think therefore I am” and also in combination with that “I feel, therefor I am alive, I live” you are selling yourself and everyone else short, and that really is a shame.  I really hope that whatever happens in my life, in the life of those important connections, those I care about, including those past that I will always care about and want the best for.  I also want the best for the connection that never got off the ground, the friendship that had solid potential.  For both connections I really do hope they can have a major breakthrough, everyone can and we can all live our lives with this combination of  “I think therefore I am” and “I feel, therefor I am alive, I live” in perfect combination and synergy each and every day.  


Namaste, Shalom and Amen