Hurdles in Way of Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness, accepting of Jesus as personal Christ, is a powerful gift of spirituality. It can awaken our consciousness to new worlds as well as realities. We simply shed the shell of our old and non-spiritual self. We grow out to become our higher selves with unlimited potential.

For something as powerful as this gift, there are still hurdles which can come in way. It is never the holiness of great Master which is flawed, it is our nature itself. We are so prone to different temptations and hurdles that we sometimes forget who we are. Imagine a strong standing flame of a candle. Although it looks steady, there are a couple of ways it can bend or even blow off. Wind, rain, wax… you name them!

Much similar is our passion for Christ and reaching out to our Lord and savior. No matter how powerful and steady our spiritual growth is, there are ways that can still dwindle our flame. Here I am going to explain how each impedes our access to Christ Consciousness.


Someone said that fear is a great motivator. However the opposite is very true. It is in fact mostly true. Fear is one of biggest hurdles in our growth. You may ask, what about fear of Lord? No my friend! Fear of Lord is not fear in traditional sense. It is reverence and love of God. It prevents us from falling low. Our Lord warned us about this fear in 2 Timothy 1:7. This fear is actually the little discouraging voice, warning us of unknown. It is that hurdling voice that tells us that we can never achieve what we want to achieve. It’s the voice that tells us that Lord is busy with other things and our prayers are never heard. Never has anything been more wrong! Lord is anything but busy to hear our prayers.

Idol Worship:

No! Not the golden calf explained in bible! An idol is actually a representation of that golden calf. Think about that. What did the people worshipping golden calf do? They misplaced their faith on someone or something else. Their faith should have been placed on Lord, instead they chose something else. It is a scary fact that there are dozens of representations of golden calf on which we place our faith instead of Lord. Money, fame, misguided ambitions… the list is unfortunately endless. I don’t claim that these things are evil. No! What I say is that with what purpose we move towards them is flawed. They are not everything. We must place our faith on Lord and savior. We should see these things as below Jesus and enlightenment.


While the distractions are just like idols, they are not necessarily idols. Every idol is a distraction, yet not every distraction is an idol. Imagine driving on a road. Your eyes are focused on way. If you start looking at other cars, or scenery around, you might not be able to drive at all. Similarly if our focus is shifted on life’s distractions, we can never reach out to Lord truly.

With all these hurdles explained, I want to mention that undying faith and hope on Jesus is only solution. We must believe that challenges of life are going to take us higher without giving into fear. We must have focus and faith in Jesus that he as personal Christ can help us elevate and achieve our goals without idolizing anything or anyone else.