Hypersensitivity, Oy!

Yesterday I get a call from my gastroenterologist about the result of my BRAVO test, trying to figure out my acid reflex and all that even though I am on two meds, and watch what I eat.  The conclusion reached is hypersensitivity of the digestive system due to the fibromyalgia, so now with medication,  until we can figure out a more natural way to do so, calm the sensitivity.  There is a yin and yang though to this.  Yes there is the sensitivity, but there is also something else, one of the reasons behind the sensitivity, and that I would not trade for anything.  

That hypersensitivity is a dual edged sword.  On thew one hand it wreaks a bit of havoc, creating restrictions, the fibromyalgia and all.  On the other hand it gives me insight into what is happening to people that I have formed a connection to, a metaphysical one.  I can thus pray for them based on what I am sensing is going on or if I have a dream about what they have a goal about or are struggling with.  Sometimes this hypersensitivity and being given this intuitive information means you have to decide just how to the point etc.. you want to be with others, especially the one you are receiving intuitive etc.. input about.  If you are a friend, well how honest and blunt or to the point will you be? Same question goes with a  stranger.  Do you even say, even if they ask, or do you not say and just pray, meditate based on the info you received, well that’s where your gut and discernment come in and where asking for higher power, Holy Spirit and such guidance comes in.  I can be really pissed about the hypersensitivity, the Fibromyalgia, all the restrictions it has placed on my life, how it has changed my life, or I can appreciate the flip side of it.  I prefer to go with the second option, appreciate the gift it can be in providing this foreknowledge etc.. Some in this situation might feel differently and that’s okay.  I hope that whatever life does bring I will always see a ray of sunshine over that cloud, see that silver or gold lining rather than the cloud.  Doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge that fibromyalgia, the limits it places etc., I just work around it, around the sensitivity issues, daily pain and all that and look to the positive side of the hypersensitivity.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen