Hypocrisy of The Progressives, Activists

mourning us

As I watch the horror of the leadership of BLM, the praise of the Left for the likes of EL Che, of Castro and now the acts of violence of those claiming to want to protect the environment of the activists at the Dakota Pipeline, I am baffled and only one word springs to mind.

Hypocrisy.  Yes, that is right hypocrisy.  They are supposedly BLM leaders seeking change, positive change etc.., yet calling for the destruction of law enforcement, their death and destruction..  They are colluding with Soros’ groups to bring in agitators to destroy property and businesses, creating chaos that resolves nothing and has nothing to do with reforming the community, gang violence, law enforcement and community relations, none of that.  They claim that only Black Lives Matter, and try to use Martin Luther King in their speeches, yet he had a dream that all lives one day would be as one and matter equally to all black and white, and all would live as brother and sister.  I have one work for their leadership.  Hypocrites, and I am being kind.  Then you have the PM of Canada and even our own POTUS being all lad ti da about Castro, totally erasing the dead, tortured either at his hands or those who dies fleeing this Communist pig and his dictatorship, these delusional idiots who also refuse to call radical Islam for what it is, just that, delusional idiots, dangerous to the safety of the world delusional idiots and same for those internally within the Islamic world who will not force an Islamic Renaissance and Reformation, a profound one across the board, delusional idiots.  Then we come to the snowflakes and progressives who will march, commit acts of violence against the very environment, since if you tamper with an oil rig etc.. you potentially can cause a catastrophe and create an environmental ooops, will stand with the American Indian to save their sacred burial ground, their totem pole etc… yet the SOBs have no trouble hating the Constitution, Law Enforcement, burning the Flag, hating the National Anthem, the fundamentals most sacred to our nation, dishonoring our Vets, our sacred memorials for our Vets.  I say again, Hypocrites, Delusional Idiots, Spoiled Brats, that is what they are, with no sense of love of God and Country.  There is no way to square violence with saving our earth or hated of the very fundamentals of our republic including the process by which we choose our leaders, and then claim you are an activist for peace, the environment etc.., bull crap!  You can disagree, but that is how I see it. We can agree to disagree, and that’s fine, but that is how I see it.