I Am Sugar and Spice At Once

I know, not easy to navigate a partnership, friendship even with Sugar and Spice all wrapped into one. What does that mean?

It means that in the same moment that I get frustrated, mad as heck with someone, sock it to them, call it as I see it, a few seconds, minutes later, I give them a bear hug, we go for coffee. I don’t hold grudges, and at least in my blogs and music anyway, I shoot from the hip. Even with those I care about and my dearest and closest ones will tell you I can be a real tough love gal, but I care very deeply about what I do care about. I waters run deep and sometimes as an empathic intuitive too deep and I run with it, to where it can seem to those closest to me that I am being overwhelming, maybe a bit insensitive, but never meant that way. I guess after not going after all in life that I had the potential to and finally feeling like I have clarity, am not willing to compromise on achieving certain dreams, though I am flexible on how I get there and am happy to have great people make the journey with me, some things I am very passionate about. One of those is not being chained to anything that is not total joy, authentic at every level of the heart, spirit and soul, that stifles your creativity from really flowing and reaching maximum potential, and even the self from true and all encompassing Agape and true love. Before being anything else I am a writer and I write about what is in my heart, spirit and soul.

I realize that may seem overwhelming at times and it is not meant to be, but I am above all a philosopher and writer, it is who I am, not just what I do. I hope that everyone connected to me can embrace the fact that I am and always will be shoot from the heart and hip, Sugar and Spice and the same time.