I am the Soul

My body has not been a friend and now I have to get shots to help with bladder issues.  If I determine that I am my body, well it will not be a pleasant day ever, just the opposite.  My thoughts, my emotions can be all over the place if I let them, so I have to remember I am not those either, yes they are an aspect of my being, but are not the core of me, of my identity.  Love, love matters, but there again, a Christian perspective of love, if one is determined to save souls, might be different than that of Buddhist or an Atheist.  For example, as a Christian speaking out about what is unholy in accordance to Scripture is love, while for someone else they may see it as judgement.  Love is not my core identity, though in my case often tough love is.   What about power of influence and all that?  Is that my identity, my core?  No, since that can come and go. Then,what is my core?  It is my soul, that place of conscience of right and wrong, holy and unholy.  To me that is my core and as long as I remember that, and the core teachings of the Faith, of Scripture, have empathy, but still speak truth of Scripture and such, then I am honoring my core.  Not an easy journey to get here for all of us, for some of us the journey has been a long one, but worthwhile to get to where we understand the core of self is the soul and understanding what is Holy and Unholy, living that truth every day.