I Got Lost Along The Way

I Got Lost

As I read this poem, it really caught my eye. I realized I got lost somewhere in my journey in life I got lost.  I got lost in regards to who I am, who I am meant to be, my calling, got lost.  I have kept seeing the thorns in my life, not the roses, the pain not the blessings, the hurt people caused, including my family, even those who never set out to hurt me.  I haven’t focused on the blessings, on the good times, which is what I should have focused on more so that any hurts.  Some hurts, some stuff people do is pretty bad, and I am not saying we excuse, we don’t, but if we mainly see that as the sum total of our lives it really does hold us back and it makes us indecisive because then we don’t trust ourselves, even when it comes to decision making and doing anything in life because we are convinced subconsciously we are going to get hurt, we are going to mess it up, fail etc..Even with our faith, we lose sight of our union with Father, Son, Holy Spirit, how to have that, that changes don’t come about from religion, but relationship.  A good and right bible teaching church community I am realizing matters and we should pray to find one, but it’s relationship that brings about the understand of how much we are loved that Christ gave his life, went through hell and overcame all he did so we could have life. I got lost in life, somewhere and forgot that that is the Kingdom of God in a nutshell and it is at hand, all I have to do is desire it and take hold of it, seek it each day morning, noon and night in my actions of how I am in the world, honoring my country, myself, in prayer, scripture truth, being in but not of the world.  I have to not focus on the thorns of the past, but the many roses of the present and future, the infinite possibilities.