I Shed a Tear or Two

Last night, as once again a longtime virtual friend was not connecting though online, I suddenly felt this sense of mourning, and I shed a tear, or more than a tear.  That cascaded into more tears, as I suddenly found myself thinking of other lost friendships, and what I have lost from the fibromyalgia.  I allowed myself for the first time in a long time to not put on the always happy face, it’s all good face and allowed myself to cry, to be sad, mourn and cry.  When no one is around, I may do more of that.  I may give myself permission to do that and I need to give myself permission to do so.  It’s important to give ourselves permission to cry, be sad at times, not stay there of course.   Sometimes we don’t know why friends suddenly cut out of our lives, why people pass on, why stuff happens.  Sometimes it’s due to our rebellion against the Creator, his norms etc.., but sometimes whether it’s a friend who goes AWOL on you or some other sad thing, we don’t know why, may never know.  It’s okay to be sad, angry and all that as long as we don’t stay in that place, react from that place.  Will I shed another tear or two or three or more over friends gone AWOL and other life crap? Yeah, but I won’t stay there and let that dominate my life, that is the main thing.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen