Ideal Life, Metaphorically, Reflected in Art

When I saw this, it stirred something in me, it made me think what kind of life do I want for myself, create for myself, well the elements in this picture inspire me.  I see nature, a sense of quite and peace, imagine cool breezes and a place where I can be inspired every moment of every day.  I envision a space that is a combo of new and old, one where I have the quiet to be on keyboard, create at any moment, have a in house studio of sorts, record at any time, undisturbed.  At the same time, I want to be in a community, have community, have even people to creatively collaborate with.  I am not fully sure how to create that, given I have my elderly mom still with me, but I can look at this image, be inspired for the future, that as I keep doing what I am doing artistically I will get there.  I can’t get anywhere if I don’t have or find Divine Inspiration, without it, there’s no gas in the tank.  I’ll keep tuning in to receive that Divine Inspiration. 

Namaste, Shalom and Amen