Ideology is the Core Issue

a dark room

We keep hearing about the War on Terror, but what is the plan for war on radical ideology, and I am not talking general conservative political principles or holistic natural order of things Christian principles, I am talking about the war on Jihad Islam, on that mentality, on a religious ideology stuck in many centuries past and not in a good way?  Once there was a strong Judeo-Chritian presence to counter all this, but Christians aside from prayer warrior truly biblical perhaps orthodox Christians have diminished, allowed their influence to diminish replaced by humanism, us as the center of it all, me me me, what I want, feel have to have, and wrong idea of social justice, of equality.  How do we counter this nutty ideology that promises, truly or falsely if twisted to untruth regarding the faith, that you will get 72 virgins in heaven for Jihad?  Good question.

To begin with, you wake up to the fact that the world has a jihadi Islamic problem and the USA should be a beacon of countering this with the faith of its’ origins, which is tough when even the statue of George Washington is being removed from the church he worshiped at.  A solid strong Constitutional Federalist Capitalist America, and a strong prayerful conservative worldview, centered in holistic sacred scripture truth and being a beacon of this for the world is a start.  Of course we have to set our country back on track, includes education and academia which is quickly becoming communist, liberal progressive ideology or none accepted.  When you determine a counter-ideological strategy, for goodness sakes get very focused, coherent and long term plan with it.  Define clear political, social etc… goals, a clear long term 30 year plan, and then proceed efficiently.  Use voices affected by Jihad extremism, of that backward in time mentality to make the danger very clear and present.  Look at patterns of extremist violent groups and what had to happen for them to be squashed, greatly crippled for the long term until they died.  Have a strong family oriented society and such, as well as clear ways to assimilate those who come in.   There also has to be a clear goal of getting the Muslim world to separate politics from Islam, keep the two separate for a vibrant democratic republicanism and federalism.  We had a vibrant viable one ourselves in the USA with lots of vigorous debate on all sides, lots of critical thinking in schools and actual learning, but the PC Police have destroyed that as have the snowflake generation and messed up academia, which now considers having Shakespeare as part of the literature curriculum is too much “whiteness”.  We must clean up our act, get strong in our Federal Republicanism etc.. then we can set things straight in regards to Islamic Extremism.

For those who think Islam Extremism etc.. is new, think again.  As you can see our founding fathers had issues with Islam, most likely the literal jihad part, and that it was stuck in many centuries past. They are not the only ones.   A large part of the change in Islam has to come from leaders in the Middle East, their clerics, and Muslims themselves saying “NO, Not acceptable, this literal Jihad, not in our name ever!”  If and when that happens, real change can happen.  Some Middle East Leaders are working towards that and I hope they succeed, for their own people and the world.