If God’s Myth, Why Attack God, Faith, Spirituality?

evening ocean

The shooting at the church in Texas, horrific, as are any such acts.  However, what I don’t get is this.  God according to atheists is a myth, fantasy, and yet, they wage war on God, on any organized form of worship and prayer.  Very much a disconnect because if something is pure fantasy, a fantasy comfort blanket, and we have free will to choose what to believe, then why do atheists care if we have any organized form of faith expression public or private?  How can something that does not exist offend, anger etc..?  

If I believe in a God, one that has rules of conduct, action and consequence, for all eternity, and have people hold me accountable for violating those rules of conduct, as imperfect as they themselves may be, it still means I have a major CEO/CFO I have to give accounting to of my actions, my worldview etc…  If that’s the case, then that means I can’t live life any old way, can’t spend my life doing as I please, no reprimand, nothing, just according my my own rules that I make up as I go along.  For some people that’s not something they are willing to accept, so it’s more convenient to live atheistic, even perhaps hedonistic life, so they think.  If they hurt others, no need for in depth remorse, examination of heart, spirit, soul on a regular basis, none of that.  Live and let live and if that live means harm to the greater society, destabilizing it, then do what since there is no clear set of boundaries, fixed moral codes, nothing to be held accountable for.   Some would say that Christ, that belief gives people an out to do what they want, then say sorry to God and all good.  True Christianity never says that, only feel good preachers say that.  God will demand an accounting of all our actions, and search us for true repentance.  Again, that means submitting to God’s authority, plan for how to live, behave etc.., and not everyone is a fan of that.  Some loathe that notion so much that they will go on an attack, full frontal attack and rampage of destruction directly or indirectly because free will and choice, choosing faith and to believe, be part of such a community angers them so much, they wish to eradicate all of that.  Again, if God is just a personal fantasy, even a collective one of a group or groups, why do you care, why go on a warpath, you choose not to believe, don’t, but don’t ever take away rights of others to do so and live by those beliefs.  Christians, true mentally stable ones seek to heal the broken heart, spirit and soul, not destroy.  If you choose not to and bring hatred of God etc.. to society, then you are morally bankrupt, or deeply wounded because of whatever happened in life and maybe because like a spoiled brat you didn’t get what you wanted from dad and are not turning your back on him.  You see like any parent God needs of keep his interference in lives minimal as often as possible for us to learn lessons we need learning if we are open to learning, and to discipline us, like any parent would when needed.  He also has know when to let fall, keep falling until we learn to trust him, reach out to him and help ourselves get up.  Do atheists hate God?  They hate anything that represents him and that submission to his rules, his way of doing things and all that, so they choose to deny.  Sad, in the end it will be their ruin and that of society, already happening, as faith and faith involvement, healthy faith and faith involvement decreases, chaos etc.. increases.  All we who do believe can do is pray and speak Biblical truth, even if spit in the face for it and hope for the best.