If Twin Flame Doesn’t Unite W/U?

It Can Feel Like This
It Can Feel Like This

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What happens if you meet your Twin Flame, but they are in another union, be it an unhappy one and have not gone on the journey you have gone on?  What if you go through the attract-repel cycle for decades, and then you go through cathartic spiritual growth, sudden, major, lots of enlightenment, that kicks off the same in them?  What if after all that you are at peace, their life is in total chaos and then after all that, they choose to stay where they are, their partner also though having a Twin Flame chooses to stay where they are with them, having grown each of them and now building a solid and strong union for the future, based on that growth as soulmates, even if not Twin Flames? Then what do you do?  Well, if you have reached a level of maturity, then you are able to live true unconditional love, true higher self agape love, though it will feel as if a part of you has died, and your heart will never really belong to anyone else.  

However, when you do grow in maturity on many levels, you can step back and not be just wanting what you want.  You can truly say:  “I love you, and if this is what is best for you and the other person, even for me, then so be it.”   You can move forward asking Elohim to bring you together with your soulmate, even if it wont ever be the same as being with your Twin Flame, but giving that relationship the best of yourself you can to the extent you can, and asking it be someone who truly understand about esoteric, metaphysical, and such philosophy, so they understand that your heart was lost to someone else long ago and they can never have it themselves. They can understand that the Twin Flame will always haunt you and be a phantom connection in your life on some level, on the astral plane, in some way, shape and form.   You love and live life as best you can with peace, tranquility and spirituality, giving it all to Elohim, and with the assistance of the archangels and angels, in the Consciousness of Christ.  

If on the other hand your Twin Flame decides to come forward and build a life with you, then great, paradise awaits, you both come home and True Love’s power has won the day, been victorious, overcome every fear on their part and yours. You will live out, both of you having matured on every level, an amazing journey, an amazing life of common path, common faith, and so much more.  

The one thing I wont do is put my life on hold waiting, that is not an option, not ever again because for one to grow, one has to move forward, and live life, so life at a standstill waiting for them to make my same journey in full, is not an option.  I am moving forward, though a recent dream and my intuition tells me they are on a gut wrenching  journey, being forced to grow, transform etc…, and it’s difficult because they are resisting truths that they have to face, but don’t want to face. Their journey to make, just like mine is mine to make.  Elohim and our own maturity willing we will unite or not fully, but like I said, standstill and waiting around, not an option on my end.

Shalom and Amen