Impacting Focus

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.


Focus is a good thing, too boxed in and narrow, not necessarily, but to an extent focused is good, necessary.  I realized that I want to make an impact in life on society, a positive one, one that will bring back the Republic for Which We Stand etc…, the Capitalist Federalist Democratic Entrepreneurial Spirit Bit of a Cowboy Republic, within a faith structure that resonates with me.  How do I do that?  

I realized the arts and seminars, using the Internet as a platform is the perfect way, with periodic live events to bring it all to life is the way to do it.  For example when I do an album in Winter I do a theme and then I can do a seminar tied in to the theme of the songs I  have put out. I can do that three times a year or twice a year.  I can create synergy between songs, photography and the seminar format.  Pictures can tell a lot, can express a lot to us, help us express a lot to the world about different things.  As I work out my strategy for the remainder of 2016 and for 2017 in my head before putting it to paper, I want to find a way to connect the dots, to thread it all together somehow.  Even in life often there are threads that tie things together if we look, if we pay attention.  Something we have decided now, may have actually been set in motion by something that was sparked long ago, a thread was unraveled by something that come into our lives or left our lives long ago.  My goal is to connect dots, interweave my artistic side to empowering, coaching, inspiring and also of course entertaining in the process, while at the same time earning my daily bread this way.  Am I giving myself a tall order? Yes.  However, if I don’t give myself tall orders periodically and seek to go beyond the limits of the current box, I can’t grow, and that is not good for my heart , my spirit, or my soul.  One theme I do want to put forth is Faith and Freedom in my songs and I am trying to discern whether to put them forward before election day or next year fourth of July, but perhaps we need them now more than ever.  I may put that next batch up this week and next.    I do realize now that some kind of focus and diligence in life is necessary if one is going to ever move truly forward, grow up and succeed in this life.  I will focus on the arts and connecting the dots.  

Shalom and Amen