Important Lesson/s

The Journey That is Life.
The Journey That is Life.


Key People:  If the key people in your life are not providing for spiritual, emotional etc.. needs in your life, not assisting in developing your dreams, fullest potential, and in every possible way for you to be who you authentically are and need to be in terms of true love, vocation and so many other ways, if you have had to shut down emotionally, have become an empty shell, are living internally in pain, while pretending to be happy etc.. on the outside because those in your life don’t nourish you heart body spirit, soul and encourage all of that in you, then what are you doing there? What are you doing in those relationships? You are of no use to them, or yourself. Everyone is playing the fool.

Choice:  Choice of happy or unhappy, duty and martyrdom or happiness and empowerment of self and others. Those choices are pretty black and white I am realizing, even if requiring lots of courage and those with unconditional love having your back to be able to make those choices.  We often say others have oppressed, repressed us, held us back, but we make the choice to allow that.  Not to have anyone beat themselves up and lay an eternal guilt trip on themselves, but let’s face it, at a certain point in life we aren’t kids and we choose happy or unhappy to some extent.  We follow patterns of behavior, of choices.

Expect The Embrace: I could be pessimistic and always expect to be hurt, to rejected etc…worst possible case scenario, or I could be optimistic and expect the opposite. I choose to expect the opposite. I choose to be there with open arms, free flowing open communication from the heart with people and hope for the same. I choose to expect to reach for the stars, sun and moon, actually have them in my hand in all aspects of my life, to be an inspiration to others to do the same. Don’t ever automatically expect rejection, expect the embrace, the unconditional love, let your intuition guide you to know it’s there and if it is you’ll know. I have learned a lot and this is an important lesson.  Not to say one shouldn’t be wise in their choices of who they let into their life, but if you develop a solid connection to the divine, solid intuition and wisdom, you’ll know, but don’t let dark of the past be your entire life.

These are important key lessons I learned in my life and that have really begun to sink in and I hope not only in me, but also for some people I care about very deeply in my life, that have changed my life beautifully.