Important To Share My Journey?

Inspiration Peace and Love

As I get more involved in my journey towards Judaism, learn more about it, the more it rings of truth.  As I have said I believe Jesus was  very learned Rabbi who was very spiritual, and was seeking to reform Judaism to make more “in touch” with the people.  The more I am involved in synagogue and engage with those at the synagogue, the more I am realizing I am engaging with those whose views may not be in agreement with mine, and it’s okay.  How is this journey of mine in Judaism etc…going to have an impact in terms of who my life partner is?  It is a question I am asking myself.  

I am going to be literally converting, and embracing my identity as Jewish, and also will be seeking to focus on my creativity and doing more spiritual life coaching, teaching, focus on spoken word creative projects.  I plan on being a part of the efforts at Town and Village Synagogue to build the congregation, community, work on myself to listen much more, to learn more, and to be part of Tikkun Olam, help repair the world, while maintaining strong Originalist Constitutional Federalist Republic Principles.  I realize that it will impact who I share my life with, as I wish to observe Shabbat, High Holy Days, live Torah to the best of my abilities, as imperfect as that might be.  As I was not raised in a Jewish home and hope to have my own space with God’s help soon as possible, I hope to live Conservative Judaism on a daily basis, learn and live it, to help Town and Village Temple grow, thrive.  The person who shares my life I realize will have to either be willing to participate in the journey with me in some way, honor my journey, be very supportive, including of Shabbat observance, be making the journey themselves into Judaism as I am or already be living the faith.  I feel very much at home in the Jewish community  like I have never felt elsewhere and that includes the theology, particularly Conservative Judaism.  I am meditating and praying for a partner that fits one of these three descriptions to come forward into my life, and who can also share my creative side, and maybe also do some teaching and spiritual life coaching work with me.  All of this, sharing all of this, having a deep connection, having a union that is faithful, loyal mutually, being best friends as well as life partners and soulmates, all of this is very important to me, so I hope that my meditation and prayers bring forward the right person into my life for this journey I am embarking on.

Shalom and Amen