In The End, Worldview Matters

The Journey That is Life.

Today I got an email from my fellow Hadassah member about an event hosted by UJF regarding countering BDS, something I feel strongly about as I do the existence of Israel and my Zionism, among other things.  I even sent in my forms for membership to synagogue and hope to work with the synagogue to advocate for Israel strongly, its’ existence, growth, while still honoring my Italian heritage.  This invite really got me thinking. 

In a relationship, long term, for me at least, worldview matters, it matters a great deal as does having someone I can share all that with, in synchronicity.  I want to be able to share advocacy for Israel, for its’ existence, to work with my life partner to expose the lie of Palestine and all that, to fight against BDS, anti-semitism, as I do against Italian stereotyping and such.  I want to be able to build an artistic and coaching collaborative something together, a legacy for future generations.  I want to work with them to share with the world the beauty of the Jewish faith but also of the Italian culture, language.  There is a lot I want to share with the key person/s in my life and worldview is one of those things, advocacy for Israel is another, study of Kabbalah, of the Jewish faith, sharing of the beauty of Italian language, culture etc.. is another and collaborating on creative and coaching projects together, build something for generations to come is also important for me.  I know in my heart the person/s who fit/s this, who has the same conservative worldview I have, respects law and order, Constitution, Conservative Principles of the Constitution, of Government, who like me rejects liberal progressive ideology etc.., has that creative side in spades.  Now it is just a matter of them coming forward to include me in their life fully, completely and I hope that happens very soon.  I know it will be incredible mutually when it does and I very much look forward to it.   It will bring peace, and great joy to my life, to my heart, spirit, and my soul.

Namste, Shalom and Amen