Indecision, Not An Option

The Journey That is Life.

There are two connections in my life that I have a strong psychic bond to, past and present and there is indecision with both on coming forward with their heart to be a concrete part of my life in the long term and in a concrete way, to build something solid, amazing, a union that is awesome.  

I know who I am and the journey I wish to make, the importance of Hadassah, my Israel advocacy, as well as the arts and life coaching are to my journey, along with my heritage and I would like someone who can support that, be a part of that to share it with me in partnership creative and beyond.  I am very much decided on that and I have an worldview that is conservative originalist precedent based Constitutionalist non cronyism, but firmly Capitalist Democratic Republic worldview, and am not a fan of the fanatical “green movement” and all that jazz.  Do I expect my partner to be in alignment with me 100% and vice versa? No.  However, I do expect them to have a clear vision for their life, who they want to be with, share their life, vocational path with etc.. and move their tukkus fast to make it all happen.  That I do expect.  I have a notion of who I would like to come forward, but the adages of old do have wisdom to share and the one of “first come, first serve and the early bird catches the worm” do apply.  Though I do have a notion of who I wish to be sharing it all with, I am decisive on one thing, first come first serve, so these indecisive connections need to get decisive and figure out exactly what they want and make it happen.  The one who first comes forward free and clear, in the process of free and clear and with a concrete firm certainty of starting the journey of life firm partnership, open heart, spirit soul etc.. is the one who will have my heart etc…I won’t be waiting around for anyone, so first come, first serve, first gets the partnership.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen