Initiative Seen As Rivalry?

The Journey That is Life.

Can a person’s initiative be seen as rivalry? It might be, depends.  It depends on a few things.

From the standpoint of the person with the initiative, what’s the motive?  Is the motive really caring about the organization, the people within the organization, the community etc..?  Is the initiative coming from a true calling of the Holy Spirit, not from ego, but from a true calling to go along this path.  If you see something crumbling, and you feel a true stirring of the soul to help rebuild it etc.., and your motives for the initiative, even small step initiatives within the organization, your participation then no problem.  If when you are taking initiative you are doing so in a way that is truly constructive, making it understood why you are taking the initiative you are, then should be fine, even if you have a bit of rough start. If the motive is however, ego centered, proving you are better than anyone else, getting only your own agenda in, out of context of what the organization represents, trying to fulfill some dream of your own, you might then encounter problems.    Motives for taking initiative within an organization is crucial, matters a great deal, for your own heart, spirit and soul if for nothing else.  What about from the other person’s standpoint?  Let’s say you are very decisive, boom boom boom, decide, do, now, pronto, clear as the morning sun what needs to be done, now and why, and what shouldn’t be done and why.  You are willing to take the bark and bite from the top, bit back if you need to because you did what had to be done for the good of the organization making decisions as they needed making in that moment. Well, Okay great  What if the other person is not like that, what if those around you working with you are not like that?  Let’s keep it simple and say a key colleague.  What if they are not like that?  They may not know how to respond to you, to your boom boom boom approach, very clear cut Holy Spirit know what to do when and how here and now, ready to do it and if I have to have go up against the big guy okay approach.  They may feel threatened by it, unsure what to do with you, with your approach. They may feel overwhelmed a bit, particularly in the beginning.  What do you do?

As always I am a big fan of meditating, praying.  In the end you have to decide if the initiative is important enough to the progress of the project, organization etc.. that you need to keep taking initiatives.  If you do, keep praying, doing what needs doing and if there is any fear etc… on the part of the other person, pray it subsides and they realize you are doing what you truly are being led to do for the organization, for the greater good and will be with you, on the same page, at the same pace.