Initiative, When Do You Take It?

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Initiative, great word, but so is context and often they need to go together. 

Recently, I had reached out, as Music Coordinator, to various groups to invite them to work with my parish in terms of fundraiser concerts, and in other ways.  One in particular responded with great enthusiasm, knew of the parish and the work to revitalize it.  Downtown Chorus, their director offered to do a benefit concert for us, they offered several dates, kept reaching out, so though  and after no response from our project manager, I finally took initiative and said yes, got this rolling.  Now, comes setting up selling tickets, promotion for the August 17th, well crunch time.  Our parish is part of a larger Basilica, but by the time they sort out organizing for ticket sales for us, no way we can wait.  Again, thought we had better take the initiative and I found a way for us to sell tickets, get payment and then we still turn it over to the Basilica, as they must manage our bills etc.. for us, archdiocese rules.  Again I am waiting on the project director to give the green light on this.   However, promotion has to start end of this week, Monday of next the latest.  Once a gain, initiative might have to be taken and since we would not have to give any account info of the Basilica since payment would be send after the event and payment could be made by check, should be no conflict with the Basilica with this initiative of ours.  These initiatives are constructive initiatives, in the context of a time crunch.  Another example, we are set to meet with the Basilica Monsignor to discuss a full music program and choir for our parish, but going in ad hoc, no plan, nothing, not wise, so I took initiative and put together a two page plan, and since the Basilica roots are Irish, but our parish roots are Italian, I also spoke of honoring the Italian and Traditionalist Catholic roots, as well as respect for the roots of the Basilica.  It presents to them thought put into this and also 

Initiative is fine, but it has to be in context, can’t be just for the sake of it.  It has to be constructive, and for good reason, not just because, out of anger, to be right etc…, has to have a clear purpose, a right purpose, to be for the greater good of the organization, community. Initiative can be great, when constructive and in context.