Interdependency Not Same as Unhealth Co-dependency

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aspen trees

Lovely trees aren’t they? They are called Aspen trees, and recently I find myself contemplating collaboration, and healthy depency in terms of faith, The Trinity, different projects, and even as I ask God to bring me into union with my twinflame soulmate in this world those words.  When I have any question on anything I do two things meditate/pray and research.

One thing my research came across is a fact about the Aspen trees.  A grove of aspen trees is actually one organism, sharing one root system.  Though the trees are invidual trees they are sharing a root system, and flourshing in conjunction, in tandem.   Yes, there is individuality, but there is also the presence of the trees in each other’s lives each day, giving the world oxygen, beauty etc…, there is a common root shared.  Dependency is not necessarily a bad thing if there is appreciation of the other. There is a difference between unhealthy co-dependent destructive, make you feel miserable etc…, discourage you constantly all that and healthy interdpenendent is collaboration, cooperation, encouragement mutually, recognition of the other for what they bring to the table.  It is that when you are in each other’s company socially, personally, professionally you inspire each other, you are also able to give each other feedback, advice, seek it from each other.  You are not competing to be better than each other, and you are proud of each other’s accomplishments, talents, gifts, successes, support it, are there to share in it.  In a interdpendent relationship personal and professional, they share power on an equal footing. taking responsibility for their own feelings, actions, and contributions to the relationship. Because they have self-esteem, can manage their thoughts and feelings on their own and don’t have to control someone else to feel okay. They can allow for each other’s differences.  They don’t fear deep friendship and if it’s a personal relationship, they have no fear of intimacy and no problem wearing their heart on their sleeve with that person.  There is mutual respect for the other person’s goals whatever the context of the relationship may be and they can mesh it in a way at times that is even extradinarity benefiticial to both on all levels, a great sign of maturity when that happens when they are able if they are on the same path to streamline their lives and goals, even within a professional relationship, to mesh the vision etc…,

As I take on a new role and have made a lovely connection to a great person, my instincts tell me they are a really good soul, I hope that there will be a deep friendship, that lasts a lifetime and that we will be a solid part of each other’s lives.  I also hope that there will be a healthy partnership, teamwork kind of thing going on, and that in working with others connected to this project also I will have great teamwork going on.  I truly do want to have healthy interdependence with others, they with me and a great path in the arts and ministry combined.  Should the Lord see it to put forth for me my hearts desire of union with my twinflame soulmate, I pray that relationship is one where our paths mesh and intertwine in the most beautiful ways day to day, that though we would become as one, our individuality would never be lost.  The same with my faith journey in Christ.  God gave me a warrior soul for a reason, and the gifts he gave for a reason, so may I always in a good way honor that for the greater good.