Intuition Says ….

Inspiration Peace and Love

Two strong connections, both in the process of leaving their former life, cords, relationship behind, to start a new life.  Though neither is yet in my life for different reasons which I touched on in a previous post, gut instinct says neither is really out of the game so to speak.  

The question is will each connection wait until they are completely out of the old situation to come forward, wait for a totally clean slate or will either decide that they don’t wish to wait and risk someone else swooping in and they snooze, they loose.  Also it’s a matter of whether they feel I would be okay with being approached brought into their lives before they were totally free of the old life. and how comfortable each would be even hanging out for a cup of coffee while they were not totally free of the old situation.  These are all factors that I feel play into the situation with each of these two connections, as there is a strong connection to both persons, including a psychic consciousness one.  

On my end, as long as the person is in the process of freeing themselves and will follow through legally etc.. on that, I have no problem spending with them, cup of coffee, lunch, dinner, a museum outing,  even collaborating on work projects with them, none.  My only reservation with one of these two connections is their being liberal progressive and their having gotten so wrapped up in anti-Zionism, and in a world that I have no desire to be a part of, a liberal progressive, almost Marxist world where people make themselves victims and expect government to be the solution to anything.   That is my only reservation with one of the connections in terms of any relationship with them, in terms of how to reconcile their worldview to mine, which is opposite to that.  The other connection, my only concern would be that they are perhaps closed on heart and spirit, can’t go outside their box and world.  Both despite these reservations have great potential, which is why it really will be determined by first come first serve, as I have no problem with spending time with the person etc…even if things have not been finalized, as long as I know they will be.  If I can be there, help them through it, be a rock for them, help them heal from the pain etc.. of it, awesome, happy to.  

I truly wish both a blissful new life, with true love and blessing every day and I do have a connection to both for different reasons, in a different way, and both connections are strong.  In the end the one who gets the key to my heart etc.. for the long haul will be first come first serve and I have faith that it will be the one meant to be that comes forward first come first serve.