Intuitive Sensitivity Blessing, Kind Of

Great for Art, But Can Be a Pain For Life

Being an artist, a writer means having gifts of the spirit, of knowledge, foresight, even to an extent prophecy and some level of sensitivity beyond the average. 

That’s great for art because it puts you in touch will nuances of life, love and nature that others might not have, which means you can create some great stuff in the artistic sense.  You can write music, plays, poems and songs that tear at people’s heart, penetrate their souls and bring them to tears, help them release their baggage, their pain, celebrate their joy etc… The same with the visual arts.  As an artist, even in my current work on the Gospel of Mark, discerning that, the sensitivities of the artist,  connection to the divine, the Trinity is a great blessing.  Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for it and would not trade it for anything.  It allows me to produce wonderful material as an artist, and a writer, so Amen. 

However, all that glitters is not gold and even the rose, as beautiful as it is, has a thorn.  Being an intuitive, having spiritual discernment, and these sensitivities means you feel things at very deep levels, and it means you sense what’s going on with people you are connected to in a very deep way.  You sense when they are missing you, when they are hurting, even when they are hiding things from you.  You pretty much sense it all and that can be a real emotional thorn in the rose, so you have to strive to discipline the gifts that though they contribute to helping you create wonderful works of arts etc…, they also give you insight that can create frustrating situations, even painful ones.  It’s a tradeoff, but one I am happy to work on balancing, even if sometimes I might not to a perfect balancing act and those around me might have to have an extra dose of patience and TLC in my regards. Sorry guys.