Is The Fire Within Brighter Than…?

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Fires will burn around us emotionally and on many levels in our lives and around us.  What determines the outcome, the future is whether the spiritual, faith power, and desire to live according to clear boundaries etc.. is stronger than the fires around you directly or indirectly.  What will determine also how you come of things, react is your mindset, worldview even in connection to your faith.  If you don’t have a clear understanding of boundaries, and other aspects of righteous justice etc.. vs. unrighteous justice etc… we will add fuel to any fire, and a small fire can turn into a blaze.  If for example we are always in a victim, anger, bitter about anything, even the past mindset or one of constant rebellion against righteous authority, won’t take responsibility for your actions etc.., it won’t turn out well, nothing will, especially if you don’t have clarity on righteous and unrighteous justice.  For example if we give everything and everyone high esteem, you can’t discern anything wisely because not all thing are of substance, ethical, righteous and all that jazz.  If we want to truly have value in our lives, society, we must have discriminating taste in all things, in all decision, choices.  Will that mean some will get offended, feel offended, slighted?  Yes, but it is up to society, all the segments of society to teach us to be strong, to have discriminating discernment in all choices etc…, not the same as discriminating out of bigotry.  In life choices and decisions require discriminating discernment from early on in life and society has not been teaching that, neither have parent, schools, the Church in full force, out of fear of not being PC and it has harmed the fabric of society and lives.  I hope that changes in very constructive ways, to pursue our dreams, given vocations and path with faith, even when it doesn’t go smoothly, if we have discerned rightly what that path is our Creator wishes for us..