It All Matters

Physical health matters and if that is compromised then quality of life can be also. You see we forget something crucial.  If your mental, emotional, spiritual health are not good, if you are living a life that is emotionally stressed consistently, have no spiritual center, no boundaries for how you life your life, or lifestyle, then the physical is going to rebel.  In today’s crazy world, easy to be sapped, burdened etc.. and to lose a sense of boundaries for one’s lifestyle.  

I know the fibromyalgia is a physical thing, but at the same time, I realize that unless I have released emotional baggage, tension etc.., and unless I have a strong spiritual life that is healthy, that guides me in wisdom of lifestyle and choices,  the fibromyalgia is not going to get any better.  I am working on releasing any residual baggage I have from the past, meditating, praying and in spiritual community.  I am seeking to understand the wisdom more deeply of my Christian faith in terms of how to live life for holistic wellness.  Does that mean that there will never be problems or that I will never get a cold or anything?  No, but if I can release any emotional and such badge fully, have right guidance on life choices, ones that are not detrimental to me and my life, my long term life, hopes and dreams, then the fibromyalgia might just get better and better inch by inch, brick by brick.  I have to make a conscious effort, be willing to do this.  Sometimes our baggage can become the identity we take on and if that happens then the physical self is going to be living with poison internally.  We have to be wise and understand that every aspect of life, of self is somehow interconnected and is like a cascade where one impacts the other.   Hopefully if we can understand this and address this synchronicity in a positive, healthy, mature way, the physical etc…boomerangs will not be as often or as harsh.

Shalom and Amen