It All Starts With A Seed, Then Our Reaction etc..

single seed

A seed, one single seed, that’s where it starts, a notion, an idea, a single stirring etc… either from us or another.  That single seed can then lead to a series of other things, actions, reactions.

God started with one phrase “Let there be light”, the “big bang” or whatever you want to call it and then he continued to have things unfold, the Word, the Word eventually becoming flesh for our salvation, his resurrection conquering sin and death for all who would believe in him.  A seed, the start of a world, of the creation of something incredible that okay is not perfect, has gone wonky and these days back to Sodom and Gomorra wonky, but still an amazing creative achievement, us included, even if we do go wonky and loopy.  I am sure God just hangs his head and shakes it in despair often as do many parents with their offspring, but still love them with all their being.  A seed, Abraham who would be father to a host of nations and whose wife due her impatience created a mess historically in that part of the world by not waiting for God’s timing, but rushed ahead to have a child through Hagar, an alternate seed planted, not of God’s will of man’s and one that still to this day tears the world apart.  The seed of a beautiful talented artist such as a DaVinci, or any number of others in our history who have enriched the world from various cultures, whose journey started with the seed of a wonderful imagination that was able to take flight and soar.

Seeds have the potential to create beautiful things when they are nurtured, when they are given structure, the right support, tools etc… they can be used for the greatest good, they can create abundance for each individual and move life forward, but the seeds I am realizing have to have clear intent, positive intent, a number of elements to them and be in accordance with God’s will for your life, also in line with Biblical truth.  I am now at a point of really going back to meditating on what does God truly wish me to do with the rest of my life and my instincts are really gearing me to church arts and education ministry as well as life coaching.  However, I am going to be meditating and praying on this further, so I can plan good seeds and bring forward the best possible harvest I can bring not only for myself but also for others.