It Really Is About Them

It's Not You, Their Baggage.jpg

When I look back at my life and even look around me at others, I realize that very often this is exactly what is going on.  When a relationship ends, when a lot of situations happen, we make it all about us, when it is not about us, in the sense of it is not about you being pretty enough, smart enough etc…, and it’s never going to be that you deserved abuse.  Do we always make the best choices in who we connect to?  No and are we sometimes over or under qualified for a job? Yes  We need to be very discerning that we don’t go through life always on the defense, always assuming we are the one who screwed up.  Part of growing etc.. is discerning, learning to discern when it is and when it really isn’t us, that is important for every aspect of our lives.  I hope we all can gain this valuable skill of knowing when it is about us and not about us.