It Really Is All About Cohesion


Today I went to an evangelical non denominational prayer service, which was a mix of worship music and intercession prayers.  Something made me look up at the Creeds of the Anglican Church, the Creeds they have as the basis for the faith.  I thought of today, the prayer service and realized, it really is all about Jesus in the heart, and sound understanding of the basics of what God expects from us.  

Rituals etc.. don’t save anyone, and don’t mean anything unless you can establish a powerful connection to Christ, to where you are moved heart, spirit and soul. As I read these I realized that I love music and the blog because it allows one to share in terms of inspiration and this amazing journey of faith.  These creeds discuss communion, a universal community of faith, they speak of unity of Father, Son, Holy Ghost.  I thought of heart, spirit, soul, how if we can have unity of those on some level, in positive ways, then the body will also benefit and so will our lives in general so on and so forth.  The understanding and reflection of these creeds can not only teach us pretty much the entirety of the truth of the Bible, and Christianity, core of it, but also about cohesion in our own lives, relationships, self, how that cohesion, communication is important.