It’s About God, and Community

Most PRecious Blood

I spoke about the disconnect between my cultural heritage as an Italian-American Catholic and my theological leaning that are more Conservative Anglican.  That will always be a conflict present in my life to some extent, won’t it?  

Today I realized something.  It doesn’t have to, not if I focus on the core, on the Noahide Laws, Metaphysical Science understanding of life and faith, and Christ, my relationship to the Trinity.  It doesn’t be if I focus when at Mass in the Catholic Church on the presence of Christ, of the Holy Trinity.   If I am not comfortable with the Catholic Rosary, I pray the Anglican rosary, and if I feel more comfortable with the Anglican prayers, I can simply pray those.  Nothing says I can’t, my choice, I have religious liberty, free will.  While the theology I may adhere to, with the exception of the Eucharist, which I do believe transmutes, since Christ said it was his body and blood, not a symbol of, I can still appreciate my heritage.  Today after Mass for example we had the seniors gather for coffee and recall the past, the neighborhood, people from the area that have passed.  It was a beautiful thing.  It was lovely that sense of community, remembering childhood.  It really was a lovely thing.  It doesn’t change the fact that my theology tends more towards the Anglican, conservative Anglican, and traditionalism, but I can still attend Mass, even a feast honoring a saint and appreciate the cultural aspect of it all.  I may not venerate the saints or anything like that, but I can appreciate the sentiment, the dedication of those who do, their sincerity in doing this, and appreciate tradition, these traditions.  They can still provide grounding and a sense of identity, of where I came from, roots.