It’s The Ideology Stupid

mourning us

As I watched the Catholic channel and saw the Christmas parade in Bethlehem with everyone in unison and the kids having a great time of all ages and faiths, then recalled recent attacks in Europe even here, it dawned on me.  

“It’s The Ideology Stupid”.  It is an ideology of extreme Islamic interpretation, of literalistic interpretation and refusing to move into the future,  an extreme version of something, which sees all as the enemy who do not have that same radical ideology.  Even  Egypt’s President has  openly said that the ideology of Islam  is driving people to kill and commit acts of terror.  He said this to clerics mind you, so he realizes there is  problem in Islam.  The Washington Times points out what he said and it is most likely spot on:  

He stood before clerics and scholars and asserted that years of Islamic writings and sermons had created an ideology that justifies waves of violence. Now, he said, the imams have a duty to stop it.

“You must emerge from it and look from outside, in order to get closer to a truly enlightened ideology,” he said in a speech televised to the Egyptian people. “You must oppose it with resolve. Let me say it again: We need to revolutionize our religion.”

 It has to start with naming the enemy ideology both within and outside the Muslim world, and then within the Muslim world an active campaign of change, of reformation.  Nothing can be changed, transformed etc.. unless you acknowledge and then actively change it.  This is true of any situation.  The West can try to eradicate ISIS etc.., but unless the Muslim world changes from within the ideology nothing can change.  It is heavily upon the shoulders of the Muslim world itself to say “NO” this way of things is no longer viable for the modern world and we must change in step with modern times, though keeping core  five pillars of the faith.  Anything that is of and connected to violence, to absolute hatred of others to the point of seeking their destruction is not accepted or acceptable.  They must change the way they teach is the schools, everywhere.  In the West their big mistake was taking in large numbers of unknowns and not having the capacity to assimilate them, thus creating mini arab radical nations within their nations. This is why the U.S. is wrong in having a refugee resettlement program that ignores states rights.  It must halt all immigration until guaranteed vetting can be put in place that is bulletproof.  When immigrants come here, and legally only, they must be made to assimilate, while still appreciating their culture.  The U.S. culture must become their primary culture, the notion of a Capitalist Federalist Constitutional Democratic Republic.  

Will the Islamic and Muslim world have the courage to make the New Year one of reform, of reformation and inner revolution to change a history of terror being created for future generations?  I hope so, for all our sakes including theirs.