Jesus Vs Jesus, OY!

Jesus Vs Jesus.jpg

How many of us have had days or times when things gets so frazzled so confusing, we think, “I’m having an identity crisis”?  Well guess what Jesus has also been having an identity crisis and actually it has been going on since the time of his being on earth, but with the post modern world, his identity crisis amongst humanity has really gotten, crisis.   Full disclosure, I had my rebel period and went and got myself ordained online, did some studying online, and all that, had my Catholic Crisis period, my overall Christian Faith Crisis period.  If we look at the chart, we see that the biblical Jesus is not the same one of the post modern world, not that fluffy teddy bear, marshmallows around the fire, kumbaya etc.. kind of guy 24/7.  What about you, what does that have to do with your faith?  Do you hide, do you sugar coat your faith?  What is your core?  Having moments of crisis is not unusual when a trauma happens or something like that, so it’s not unusual to have moments of questioning, of needing to recharge the faith, one’s understanding of the faith, faith principles etc…  If we are to be faithful to scripture, then we can’t sugarcoat Christ or mold him into any modern version of anything.  We can’t do that to the faith principles that are to guide our day to day living, that guide ethics and integrity.    When we look at Jesus and what he taught, the apostles taught, even the philosophers, we have to look holistically, including what did they conclude at the end of their life.  I thought it might be interesting for you to see a list of Catholic Converts in history, includes Egyptian Royalty  I found it interesting the list and some of those on it.  I hope that they understood, even the more modern ones the difference between these two versions one might be presented with.  It matters, it matters because it will influence how we understand scripture, and every aspect of it, and living life.  I hope we all step back and take a right look at Jesus and his identity, because mistaken identity is never a good thing. Even in our own faith walk, we need to be clear and understand who we are, what our core faith is, have a clear identity in that.  I realized that very much as I realized just how repulsed I was at the mockery made of the faith of my my ancestors, of my heritage at the Met Gala and when people put forth this false picture of Christ in the name of modern Social Justice and Feminism.

Shalom and Amen