Jewish People Must Become Evangelists

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

The more I learn about Judaism, the Pentateuch requirements etc.. of Messiah, the more I study Kabbalah and the more I see Israel under attack and anti-semitism on the rise, the more I feel the need for Judaism, Moderate Conservative Judaism, and Practical Zionism backed by History to be brought out to the masses and evangelization to become part of the Jewish faith.  

When I say evangelization I mean just that, evangelization, not in a yelling screaming in your face kind of way, or knocking on doors because that is just rude frankly.  However, the Jewish community, Conservative Jewish community, moderate conservatives and those of true Kabbalah, not the mystic hodge podge of different religions incorporated Kabbaalah, but those of true Kabbalah, should come together with those of the moderate conservative jewish community and work to share the faith and with the JCRC bring an understanding of Judaism and the truth of Messiah to the world.   Why is this imperative one might ask?  Well it is imperative to the existence of Israel for one as a distinct land of the Jewish people and for the Jewish people and their existence as the children of Abraham, for the gentiles grafted into the tree and all to be under the faith of One God, and One only.   It is also important because we should live according to truth and the Jewish understanding and true kabbalah understanding of the Messaiah, of sin etc… is as I see it truth, makes a heck of a lot more sense than other faith traditions.  It is imperative that the Jewish people share the truth of Judaism and Messiah according to the Pentateuch, not what was then twisted around to fit a narrative because people wanted a savior according to their standards.  Also, for the survival of the Jewish people and Israel itself it is as I see it necessary to share the truth of Judaism and that Yeshua was simply seeking to bring everyone into the Jewish faith, and reform the faith to be less about legalism and more about the heart, that personal relationship with God and each other.  That is not to say that he or God condone abbhorant or deviant behavior, lawlessness any of that, no.  Yeshua also understood that if Judaism gets so bogged down in ritual and law that they forget the human factor then it is no longer about faith, spirituality, nurturing, growing etc.. and that was what he came to save, and he came to save his faith, the faith of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac from that yoke of legalism, devoid of feeling, of heart, of a personal relationship with the spiritual realm.  His intention was as it was from the beginning I truly believe to graft the gentile into the Jewish faith.

I would like to see Jewish media on the Internet promoted more aggressively, openly, and I would like to see Jewish teaching on Messiah and true Kabbalah regularly on TV, on the radio   The faith needs to be shared, the beauty and truth of it should and has to be shared, and I hope in some way as I grow in my journey as a newly embraced member of the Jewish community I can do my part in this endeavor.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen