Journey and Destination

The Journey That is Life.

We often hear about the journey and destination of life, and today at Mass the Holy Spirit was prompting me to think about hat, about the journey and destination and what that means to me, what I saw the journey and destination being in context of the faith and my gifts, ones God blessed me with.

The journey is to know myself, in Christ, through the faith, to understand who I am in Christ in the gifts given and my true love through those gifts.  Once I understand that and I know what my great love is, which in my case is the artistic realm combined with inspiring others, even with some tough love as necessary, and brining people’s full potential out to shine through the artistic, including my own, then I have the roadmap to make the journey.  What about the destination?  The destination is to use this to create an artistic program and masterpiece that will bring honor and glory to God, within the community of my faith and within the community of my family culture, the Roman Catholic and Italian-American communities.  How to do this?  First you need a very focused partner that shares the faith and culture to create a plan along with you.  Then you need to have a core group of people to work with you, create, coordinate really great works and present them, who are consistent and are willing to dedicate the time to it.  You also have to be willing to innovate and present people with something new, not do things in the same way, so you also have to have people come in that will do things a bit differently in terms of perhaps how a standard piece is presented, not too radically different, but some variation to keep things interesting.   Having the clear vision for the journey, the destination is great, but then comes the actual getting out there and doing it.  Most people in our society today are scattered, divided into a million pieces, and funny thing is they may be doing stuff out of sheer sense of obligation, not even because that is what they really want to be doing, so finding people that are going to be really focused  on that one project can be quite difficult.  When you get a clear vision of a project, long term project, journey and destination, you have to trust that the venue, partner and core group of people is to be given, that all the pieces will fall into place.  Doesn’t mean you don’t actively see if you can spot those people that you think can be part of that vision and reach out, but it may not happen right away and it will take a lot of focus, really following your true heart, passion etc.., letting of stuff, which might lead to some tension with others when you do let go of stuff to pursue the journey, destination, vision God has put in your heart.  You might be tempted to give up if it doesn’t happen overnight, don’t.  If there is an obstacle, pray and see that obstacle with harm to none, like a chessboard, the piece moved and you reaching checkmate.  I am really glad I am clear on the journey and the destination, now just a matter of all the pieces falling into place, with the help of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, with meditation and prayer.