Kabbalah Behind the Fiction to Truth


Kabbalah has been like many things over time exploited and twisted into a pretzel that is nothing like the original or the true Kabbalah in its’ original form, and I have realized that about many things including Messiah, and how that was also misunderstood by well meaning Jews in the time of Jesus.  I have discussed my view of the type of Messiah Jesus is as I see it, one from legalism.  

Kabbalah is helping me understand that even in terms of relationship, though I may very well not agree with a particular view of someone I care about and who cares about me, but I should be willing to try and understand where that comes from, especially if they try to do the same for me.  If we can come to understand where they are coming from in terms of that perspective, then we might be able to come to a point where we can say “I love you, care about you, and I understand where you are coming from, wow we have the same over all goal for life, humanity etc..just see a different road of getting there and I can respect that.”  I am realizing with the study of Kabbalah that it is all about perspective, spiritual perspective, vibrations etc.. I am learning to look at the Pentateuch as a book of symbol and metaphor, allegory of  levels of consciousness, as well as seeds of history and sociology combined.  It is truly transformative.