Kept it to Herself

I strive to be as authentic as possible, even in my spiritual journey, in my journey through fibromyalgia , and there is a lot o baggage from childhood I had to let go of.  It was a rocky road in terms of my parents, their divorce, my relationship with my mom, who is my BFF, and my family, even with myself and God.  There were times when those closest to me threw sharp knives.  Even with all this, I couldn’t let myself fall and so there were silent tears that only God heard.  I realize that my faith and worldview might not please everyone, a Conservative worldview, but as I have navigated twists and turns that Fibromyalgia has brought to my life, I find I am much more at peace now.  In this peace, I am able to realize my gifts, talents, and what I might work on improving as well.  I had a vision of the “perfect” Christian etc..I felt was true to me, and as I work to create my store on my artist website, work on organizing my first show and everything going on I realize the person I always thought of being I am.  It’s a beautiful thing to be at peace with myself, with God, and life, even if there are thorns along with the rose.  I am grateful for being a strong Christan, a strong woman, and a confident artist.