Knot Prayer

Knots, pesky when in your hair, or when things get tangled up, cords and such.   If you  are at sea and knots are not the right kind, that might cause some problems.  Knots what are we do to with you?  This prayer offers great advice.  What drew me to it?  

My life has been one of knots, of have nots, can nots etc.. I have spent much of my life beating myself up for not having great study and academic skills, for not having built a brilliant career and  being “something” not sure what though I was aiming to be. I have spent much of my life with the knots of can not, not good enough, not smart enough etc… and based on this making lousy choices in my life and not arriving at my destination, calling. I forgot that in Christ all is possible, so long as it aligns with His will and moral objectives.  I had forgotten that and that God so loved the world He gave his only son.  When we forget who we are as Christians, called to be salt and light, heirs in Christ, when we forget that we are a temple for the Holy Spirit, supposed to be, we go off track, take the “wrong train” in life.  Once I remembered who I was in Christ, things got really peaceful internally, I could let go and now I can take things day by day, doing each day what I need to do to honor the path God has given me and with faith succeed, impact lives as well.  This prayer is a beautiful and important prayer. May it bring confront to your life as well.  

Shalom and Amen