Knowing Their Spirit, Knowing Them


Often people will speak of what Christ, or a person did, but they don’t really know them, and even when they think of characteristics they don’t understand the context that the creator intended for those characteristics for our greater good and that of society.  One of the problems with religion often times  and relationships is that we might know what people do but not understand who they are.  I would like us to look at where we are.  I will share where I am with all of this as well

First I want to discuss a few things.  When the bible talks of love, it does not mean love without truth, even if it is a moral truth they don’t want to hear, without moral boundaries, even if they don’t like the boundaries being given to them, same with charity, it does not mean charity without wisdom, or charity that keeps a person a victim or dependent, rather charity that empowers, that helps bring one to healing, and patience does not mean patience with destructiveness or self destructiveness. Everything has to be with truth, with moral truth, integrity, balance, wisdom all that jazz.   Where am I at with the gifts, with ministry, teaching, discernment, with patience, charity, kindness?  Well ministry is not necessarily about a pulpit or teaching about a classroom, these things can be done through the arts, through internet platforms such as a blog, a podcast. The discerning of spirits, word of knowledge, have those covered pretty much. Wisdom and Fear of God, getting better at it, in terms of self discipline in overcoming sin strongholds through meditation and prayer, giving myself a literal “stop, think before you act” instruction when necessary, prompted in the spirit.  The kindness part, well could do a bit better we all could.  I have the tough love tendency a lot, have a tendency to lean that direction, love you, but will hit you with the truth whether you like it or not especially biblical truth.  I could do better in my approach.  Patience, I have gotten better, but it is not one of my virtues, never has been and will always be a tough one for me.  Do I beat myself up for not being perfect in the gifts of the spirit, for not having achieved immense success in ministry and teaching through the arts etc… yet, for not having reached millions across the globe, for not being perfectly patient all the time etc…? No.  Do I give thanks in Christ that I am on the road to being a better person? Heck yeah!  Do I periodically examine my life, self to see where I am at with things, cultivate my gifts, see if I am cultivating them properly, wisely etc…? Should I? Heck Yeah!  With the help of The Advocate from the High Heavens and my will to do so, I shall!  From the study of the gifts and fruits including character character traits spoken of in the bible of the Holy Spirit which are also those of the Father and the Son, I can come to know who they are and who I should strive to be, but in right context, remembering integrity, moral boundaries and all that jazz, matter.