Launch, Full Fuel and Sustained

Twin Flame Connections Are Haunting and Amazing

Anything that is of significance, project anything is like this image, should be fireworks going off in a good way, with great launch sequence, but then what?

We humans can be really great at the launch sequence or the initial get up and go, get it going on a wing and a prayer, wing it, and what we end with is the equivalent of 40 years in the desert in circles.  It’s great that we have a great idea to bring community together, people back to community or whatever, all for it.  It’s great when we have a personal passion for a project, a vocation, when we have a relationship we are truly vested in, see a future in, but then what?  We get launch sequence going, but then what?  It takes a really solid foundation to sustain something, a right foundation and especially if you are talking about a vocation, a project in the context of one’s vocation, true passion, even that relationship that is your true passion etc…, even before the launch sequence, you should have some very clear goals in mind, some solid planning and even after you do a launch sequence, you need to be very present to ensure that the foundation stays solid.  Things don’t just take care of themselves on a wing and a prayer, they require planning, leadership, presence of that leadership, the vision, goals clearly laid out of that leadership as regards vocation, or projects.  In a relationship, feelings, goals should be shared in a positive way mutually, even a business relationship.  The key players have to be present, in dialogue, and there has to be key planning, goal setting, long range foundation building for any key anything to last, to thrive to grow, if not it won’t.  A wing and prayer alone won’t do it because God really does seek our free will to work with.  Remember when Moses goes to him before parting of the Red Sea?  God’s response is interesting because it’s basically “why are you bothering me with this, it’s your gig, your responsibility, take responsibility, take care of it. I gave you the brains etc.. friggin use them, use the staff, take care of it”   God has to instruct Moses, seems Moses just wasn’t getting it that it was his gig, he was the leader so use the staff, lead!!!   Same thing in the desert, he doesn’t take hold of his authority and they end up wondering and constantly complaining to Moses and to God.  Necessary to have a plan of action, launch, then be very present, very in moment as well as keep in mind the goals set forth, the plan in order to make things work and to realize that “on a wing and a prayer alone” won’t work long term.  I am thus working on how I can do the same with my kaartist blog my own projects in general, and hopefully all aspects of life.