Law of Action


Law of Action and intellectual connection

Law of Action states that you must facilitate the other laws with inspired action. You cannot sit on your butt and expect things to fall into your lap without effort. Does this mean you have to struggle? Absolutely not! If you are “struggling” to reach your goals it means you are not aligned with them properly, or that they are not the right goals for you. The intellectual connection must be employed in order for us to manifest things on earth. We must engage in actions that support our thoughts dreams, emotions and words. 

There exists a variety of shades of intellect. Some people have affinities for musical or literary arts, for instance, while others might be intrigued by politics or economics. Many people simply enjoy learning, while critiquing and debating newly processed information. For two people to be compatible intellectually, they need not always share the same interests. They may feel a connection in the general enjoyment of learning or experiencing abstract ideas and concepts. Therefore we can state that the law of action is essential for building more intellectual relationships in the wheel of life. When we understand our intellectual behaviours it is easy to find partners. And it will also help in achieving our dreams. 

Hard work, when it is something you are passionate about, should be challenging, but also come easy. For me, it’s writing. I know that my writing flows easily because it is what I love, and it is a tool that allows me to do what I am most passionate about helping others. I also challenge myself to write in different ways and to try new things in life so I have more to write about! You must take inspired actions every day that help you move towards your goals. Without action, you might as well forget the rest.

The types and degrees of interpersonal connections that can exist within a relationship vary. There are connections at the purely physical or “chemistry” level. Then there are connections that exist on primarily an intellectual level, an emotional level, or even a “practical” or lifestyle-based level. The relative strength of the many different types of connections can make all the difference in the quality of a relationship, possibly even determining whether the relationship will endure and be an instrument of fulfilment for both parties or eventually fail. The quality of connection on any dimension matters, too. Connections at a purely superficial level are generally short-lived, although they can be intense according to the law of action. 

Compatibility is encouraged by the intellectual willingness of partners to both teach and learn from one another. You may not especially enjoy modern art, but might find pleasure in visiting new exhibits with your partner, who is passionate about it. Conversely, you might look forward to taking this partnership to a film festival. It is an opportunity to share something meaningful to you with someone you love. When either or both parties in a relationship are rigid in terms of what they consider intellectually stimulating, the relationship will likely be less rewarding.