Law of Attraction, Sow and Reap

One of the areas of life we have a hard time with is relationships, and sometimes making the right fit connection can seek like an impossible task, all we have to show is a roller coaster and string of unhealthy unions.  I had wondered for the longest time what the heck was up with my life, my not having a partner.  Couldn’t figure it out, why I hadn’t found that success and thriving with the arts and relationship that I wanted. They say wisdom comes with age and experience, as well as prayer, meditation and all that jazz.  It is true and for me also sacred scripture.  Why hasn’t God “given” me the dream He placed in my heart?  

It’s not that God doesn’t want to, He does.  However, God is also a wise parent and understands that you don’t give your kid what they are not ready for.  There was a lot of baggage to release from, lots of pain to heal from and daddy issues to resolve.  Unless all that was dealt with, there was no clarity for me and for living my life.  I realize that the right doors can only open, should only open when I have my act together, when I am clear in what I believe, what I stand for, not because my family believes is or any of that, but because I have reasoned it out and I believe what I it, and have truly released the baggage. It has been a long journey to get there and I am not totally done with the journey of release and all that, but I have begun, am well on my way and I am blessed.