Law of Correspondence

Law of Correspondence basically says  that our current reality is a mirror of what is going on inside us. Our reality is a result of our inner most dominant thought, and so thoughts matter, but they come in two forms , conscious and subconscious.  The conscious is what we are aware we are thinking overtly, but then there is the unconscious part that is covertly thinking influencing or whispering that can lead us astray.  If all we are ever thinking subconsciously or even consciously gloom and doom, it won’t matter if blessings come to us, we will still find a way to see the glass as half empty.  The inner reality needs to shape the outer reality for us to value life, self, others in our lives, in our sphere and in general.

Have you heard the phrase “self perpetuating”?  What can happen and I have seen it in my own life, is that if you have a subconscious whisper even that says “I can’t do this, not capable” running through you in any way, over and over, you believe and you cease to explore your potential, or see where life can take you.  That is not to say you shouldn’t be realistic as well, and do the necessary prep work for a new career or have clear goals you strive for, engage in some level of practicality and if you are entering a particular field such as the creative, know what people are trending towards and all that.  If I put my songs and spoken word out there, and I see that what trends, what is most reposted is my spoken word and not song pieces, rather than consider I am a failure as an artist because my sung pieces are not getting traction in the greater way my spoken word is, well that’s not accurate.  If I keep seeing the failure of my singing acappella to move forward as an artist, well pretty soon I won’t be doing any spoken word, nothing.  I may have to adjust my view to say “hmm, they really like my spoken word pieces, must be powerful for all these reposts, so I’ll focus there.”  If I think over an over again about how my songs are not getting picked up, that my art is no good, well I’ll start writing lousy pieces across the board and pretty soon I won’t write at all.  In a relationship if I determine even subconsciously that I am no good at relationships, I suck at relationships, I am a loser whatever the negative thoughts roam through my head and my heart, I will self sabotage, I have self sabotaged in the past, and you may end up making really incompatible or not so smarty relationship choices.  The outer world can have to do with what our inner world looks like.

Once the inner world is full of chaos, sad thoughts all these things swirling through, the outer world may very well reflect that, and then we might wonder “why is it all going wrong, why is God doing this to me?”  It’s not God, when we act from darkness, even when we act from stubbornness, ignoring all the signs God, universe gives us that this path is not the path you should be on, but rather another path, it may not turn out very well.  We should strive to have a positive inner world and affirm positive potential each day, as well as see what patterns are emerging that might be trying to tell us something, but if we are in a quagmire of confusion etc.. we won’t hear it. That would be a shame, a true shame.