Lawlessness Is Not Protest or Justice


When or If BLM or anyone tries to equate these thugs and their movement to Civil Rights or even the LGBT segment of society forcing churches and businesses to violate their religious conscious to cowtow to their lifestyle, they are in grave error and when BLM or anyone engages in acts of violence, loots businesses and beats up bystanders, they must be declared a terror group and group non grata, immediately sanctioned and disbanded.

When MLK and those who wanted voting rights and an end to segregation etc..decided to bring about change they sought integration, unity, and through peaceful means, never through violence, even when they faced violence. They never sought to become wanted to become criminals and thugs, never would have dreamed of going that route, causing harm and destruction, no matter what was done to them. They were people of integrity, of faith etc.. and they knew that the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and being American, in America was a privilege and that any attempt at change had to be done within the boundaries of that Constitution and The Bill of Rights, also the law, always. That is why MLK parted ways with those who wanted to use violence and violate the law, become no better than criminals and thugs, become the likes of let’s say an Alinsky or a Bill Ayers. Kudos that they did understand the great honor and privilege of being born in the USA of the Constitution etc..

If I were leading a state or even this nation I would make it clear that if your group or you as an individual engaged in acts of rioting and such you would be considered a domestic terrorist and be placed on such a list immediately arrested, there would be long term consequences. No way would I tolerate disrespect to law enforcement, destruction and looting of property, none of that. If you choose to be a thug, a reckless criminal, then you will face consequences and if you choose to create havoc on a city wide level you or your group then you will be considered a domestic terrorist and there will be stiff consequences. If try and block traffic and commerce, immediate arrest, that will not be tolerated either. If you want to protest, fine, inundate the office of your political leaders etc… with faxes, emails, letters and if you are going to protest do so quietly, peacefully, orderly. Understood. Bill of Rights is not a license to criminality, and that also has to be understood.

Either we are a law and order Republic or we are not. Either we have a Constitution and Bill of Rights with Freedom of Conscience that includes business, at home, at the pulpit, never calling for violence, addressing the behavior only as out of natural order, or we don’t.


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