Left Me Scratching My Head



You go to church, give a nice donation every week, won’t dare miss Mass, ever, you made sure your kids never missed Mass, and even made sure to go to the Vatican.   Awesome, right.  That’s my relatives for ya, my cousins, those I grew up with.   Devout,  religious, so why my apparent confusion and my “Huh?”.  Well, today in conversation the Pope came up and a nutty liberal theory was presented about why this Pope doesn’t live in the Vatican.  See, it’s because us Conservatives are out to whack him, have him sleep with the fishes and all that jazz, yeah, okay. Oy! Then I was told that It’s all myth, all sacred text is pure myth, yet in the breath was told Jesus should be followed.  It made me think of when Jesus says about on the day of judgement how many will say they did this and that in his name, and he will reject them because of their hypocrisy.  My other cousins that I didn’t grow u with, but recently connected with have a different take.  They are church goers, but they don’t see the bible and bible teachings as myth.  They see it as God’s truth, even if they and I also know we don’t always manage to perfectly live up to it.  It just really struck me the hypocrisy of the  devout outer layer, but inward the total lack of belief, but then I realized a lot of people are like this and in part because it’s only way we can justify sin that may have gone on or is going on within our own circle.  I briefly went there myself, but only briefly. 

What about me?  I have for the longest time felt and understood that God and Yeshua never intended for a new religion to form, but rather to have Judaism clarify its’ moral and ethical code, but at the same time operate with empathy towards all and the community.  That empathy did not mean negating the truth of God, His nature and his laws.  One reason I resisted Church was that I never really felt that was what was God’s intent, or Yeshua’s, so in a sense I felt it was hypocritical to go to church.  I am still feeling that way to an extent, but that may change at some point.  Now, my path of wellness is taking me to the East to acupuncture, massage therapy, Buddhist meditation and then yoga.  However, in my meditation, Christ is always the center, the core, always will be.  I hope I never become someone who is outwardly religious, but inwardly an atheist. That truly is a punch in the gut to the Holy Trinity, to all the heavens and to those who truly do believe, honor God’s Holy Truth, the Bible. 

Shalom and Amen